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Money similarly to sexuality, has always been a taboo. But money is neither good nor bad by itself. How money is made and used is what determines whether or not it is good or bad. If you make money through honest means, through helping people, through serving and contributing to society then you make money in a positive way. How you spend your money is just as important. When you spend money in ways that serve a higher purpose and bring joy to yourself and others you are also spending in a positive way. In a world of positive light and negative darkness, it’s important we make and spend our money in such a way that it becomes source of light for everyone.


When we talk about money we often talk about abundance. Abundance is often defined in different ways. For me, true abundance is having everything you need to do your life’s work and passion. When we have all of the tools and resources to follow our passion we are living truly abundant lives.


Shown in this graph is my income. I work in a field where money is never guaranteed. I invest nearly all of my income into my art, which, as you can see, often results in a loss.


My field and my art require investments in camera and live streaming equipment, JKTV hosting fees, and bandwidth fees. I also hire help to ensure I have the highest quality productions. I invest time and money in dance classes and physical training to ensure my body is in peak physical condition. It is never a guarantee that I will make back what I invest and the costs are often significant. This is my art and this is my passion and therefore it is a quality investment, an investment in my life’s path.


I do not expect pity nor am I requesting help by sharing this information. I share this because many people don’t understand my abundance. I often sense envy in the words of others. They see me traveling to beautiful locations where I dance, create my art, and share it with the world. My ability to do this is my form of abundance. This is hard for many to understand as they may view my abundance as amassing large amounts of wealth. I’ve often been asked why people should support me when I can already afford to go to such beautiful locations. They may believe I am unworthy of their generosity because they think I live in abundance, an abundance of wealth. The reality is I have sacrificed a lot to get to where I am today. I believed in myself and invested in myself. In return, I came back with an abundance of art, memories, and experiences, all of which I was able to share with the world, despite never having made back the money I invested.


Some may envy my abundance, whether it is my definition of abundance or theirs, but I believe that living in the envy of others is unhealthy. These thoughts are better spent considering the good in everyone and the potential success of everyone. Sometimes our thoughts are self-fulfilling. If you dwell on financial difficulties, or envy the success of others, you may bring financial difficulties upon yourself. Focus on the positive things in life. Focus on compassion and light. When you help others get out of difficult situations and help them experience abundance you are sending out love that will come back to you many times over.


We all save and use our money differently. I have been lucky enough to help those around me by donating to campaigns, charities, and using strong friendships to raise funding for various causes. My abundance has allowed me to inspire the people around me. My goal is to continue to share my art and project positive messages about sexuality and happiness into the hearts of others. It is only natural that when we feel abundance, we feel generous and willing to support others as they achieve their own form of abundance.


It is difficult to live without enough money and those with too much money miss many of the finer points in life. I am grateful for my position because I believe I have just the right amount of money. Those with just the right amount are not burdened by too many possessions. They do not spend time and energy taking care of material things, time that is best spent creating their life’s work. On the other side of the spectrum, not having enough money takes you off your path as all of your time and energy is spent gathering enough money to simply survive. We all need to live, but if we spend too much time focusing on rent and food, we have no energy left for our passions.


I consider true wealth, true richness, true abundance as having just enough to carry out your life’s work and passion. I do not need material possessions unless they will help me carry out my passions. My purpose in life is to create a positive perspective on the human body and sexuality. The only material possessions that are important to me are those that are necessary to carry out this purpose. As I do have what is necessary to do this I do indeed consider myself rich. I have everything I need to put my vision into action and transform the energy around me into a higher order. We all have different needs when it comes to fulfilling our life’s purpose, as some need a great deal of material things, others a group of people to help make ideas a reality, and still others may need financial resources.


Only the individual can truly know their own life path. It is therefore a mistake to judge their success solely on financial wealth. We must measure success not by how much money people make or have, but by the degree to which they are fulfilling their life purpose, are happy about their lives, and believe in themselves.


I enjoy exposing my work, my art, to the world. I don’t do it just for recognition and fame as I have learned that it is all right not to be number one, to have the most clients, or make the most money.

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When I have money, I see it as a source of good. I see it as potential. The potential to create a higher purpose that has yet to be converted into substance and form. We should all envision the money in our bank accounts and wallets as just that, potential. Money that can create goodness for you and others. I appreciate my form of abundance.